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Twenga also offers two options These are Shopping Boost and Shopping Premium. The The watchword of the Price Finder is never to influence a customer by offering him a product to the detriment of another, simply to satisfy an online merchant. Customer satisfaction is therefore his priority. As Idealo does, it offers the possibility for users to receive alerts in the event of a price drop , in order to ensure that consumers do not miss a deal. Two statuses exist: the standard status, free; Premium status: It gives you a better chance of gaining visibility and increasing traffic to your online store. PrestaShop and price comparison modules.

Thanks to the PrestaShop modules

You can integrate the scripts of certain price comparators into your online store. This is notably the case of Idealo , with the Price comparison module Idealo tracking pixel . With price comparators, you have another communication channel to promote Mexico Mobile Number List your brand and your products, and thus facilitate sales. 5 tips for writing a sales About page By Yves Attias – October 25, 2021 Agency Value Day Spain When creating an online store , some pages must be design from the first moments. This is the case of the About page . Although it often seems secondary in the eyes of online merchants, it is nevertheless very useful for boosting your sales and developing your notoriety.

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What is the About page for

How can you be sure to write it in such a way that it is an asset in your marketing strategy? Discover the 5 tips that will allow you to create an DX Leads eye-catching and selling About page . About page: what is it for? The About page of your website is a kind of small biography of your company and a presentation of the values ​​that are at the heart of your activity. Your presentation page is not supposed to be called the About page. It can indeed be called otherwise: Who are we? , Our history or even Our commitments . When he turns to this presentation page, the visitor to your merchant site wants to know more about your business history; its actors, those who humanize your brand.

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