In Order To Identify What Is Not Working, Nothing Better Than An Audit

The reasons that may lead you to carry out the content audit of your e-commerce site are numerous identify obsolete content Everything you publish on the Internet will remain there as long as your site lives. It is therefore very likely that old blog posts published a few years ago no longer correspond to your brand image or the values ​​you defend. You may no longer be aiming at the same target or your tone may have changed. The content audit then helps you determine which content should be refresh or delete. If you do not act, it could do you a disservice and confuse the minds of Internet users; hunt for slowdowns Too much content slows down the loading time of a page.

A user being impatient by nature

Your bounce rate may increase sharply; check that your content is in line with the expectations of Google ‘s algorithms The algorithms of Google or other search engines are constantly changing. Although it is often difficult to know what their classification Croatia Mobile Number List criteria are, certain elements are nevertheless made public. They are the conductors of SEO. By ensuring constant monitoring, you increase your chances of reaching or staying on the first page of the Serp. An agency specializing in the creation of Google Ads campaigns can also help you improve your SEO; guarantee the security of your site Auditing is also a good way to regularly check that user data is secure.

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Will be even more reassured; identify the most effective DX Leads content By auditing your site, you will know which content generates the most engagement. Audit to be carried out the signs that do not lie You understand the value of content auditing, but you don’t know when it becomes necessary. What signs can point you in the right direction? Here are some indicators that should lead you to react. Traffic is low Do you publish articles on your blog several times a week? Do you distribute your content on social networks? Yet your online store traffic remains low . Your content strategy probably needs some tweaking.

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