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Google increasing your audience. Permanent no matter how much you stop producing content, your existing base will continue to deliver results. Own assets your company will have its own audience, which will be able to reach a monthly number of new opportunities, without the need to invest in media purchases. Cheap to produce. The numbers don t lie! Companies that blog generate % more leads than those that don t. Tip Make decision making easier Now that you ve got Maurice s attention and gained his permission to send him an email, don t rush into forcing a sale. Help your ideal customer decide on the best solution to their problem. At this point, you should present arguments that make him identify with what you have to offer.

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Directly related to a higher ROI. Hubspot Tip Distribute your content in the right channels It won t do any good to invest in content and not have readers. Even worse will be having the wrong readers for generating business opportunities. So use the channels you identified in tip , distribute your content baits in them, correctly targeting your ideal customer Luxembourg Phone Number List profile. Tip Earn the right to speak directly with your customer Your ideal client was attracted by the content of your blog , but he, despite having the desired profile, is still an unknown. This is the right time to exchange highly useful and relevant content for visitor contact information . This way you will turn strangers into leads.

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Should help your ideal client understand what options they have to solve their problem don t be egocentric, also talk about solutions you don t offer . Bearing in mind that Maurício is already aware that his back pain can be caused by his hobbies, take a look at the following content offer example Ebook offered through a landing page with the title DX Leads The guide to watching TV healthy . This material should explain about Ideal foam quality for a sofa, as well as the dimensions of its seat and backrest Height and distance from the TV according to its size What is the best type of rack to facilitate the installation of the TV and leave the room well decorated and pleasant for your leisure.

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