Influencer Marketing Strategies in China

Taking an overview of global marketing strategies, China is surely the country that relies the most on the power of influencers and celebrities. Fierce competition and picky customers in this market are pushing brands, marketers, influencers and platforms to test and innovate strategy and services at unprecedented speed. We would like to introduce Belgium phone number you to the main forms of collaboration with influencers in China and help you discover which one best suits your brand. , but that was just what the brand wanted to express “Be yourself” and “Put no limits on beauty /. Defending that everyone has the same right to look handsome regardless of their gender.

Initial stage: First the platform, then the influencer

For Western brands at an early stage in the Chinese market, planning would start with choosing the platform to embark on before choosing the influencer. There is a self-inspection way to make that decision: the industry, the audience, the average price of the product. For example, if your brand has a young and fun audience with a relatively low unit price, you should try Douyin (Tiktok) or Bilibili. If it’s a retail brand with a wide potential audience, you should start with WeChat , the biggest social platform in China and a must-have in the Chinese market. After deciding which platform to start with, it’s time to choose your influencers. For early-stage brands with a limited budget, you may prefer to invest in many mid-tier influencers by creating a matrix for your influencer marketing.


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Growth stage: Find the influencer who matches your brand body and soul

For brands that already have some presence in China, now is the time to partner with higher-impact influencers or celebrities to further increase visibility. In addition to considering the popularity and prestige of the influencer, it is important to find the one that matches the identity and value of your brand, to impact just in your niche market . By DX Leads taking advantage of the charm and specific characteristics of the influencer, your brand can quickly strengthen its image among the public.  For example, cosmetics are generally considered women’s products, but the young cosmetics brand Perfect Diary collaborated with male actor and singer Luo Yunxi, Zhu Zhengting, etc. Some people criticized that these celebrities looked too “feminine.

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