Inseam Length From Floor Level To The Beginning Of The Thigh

All you need is gather all the measurements corresponding to the sizes you offer. Include measurements for bust, hips, waist, arms, legs, inseam and possibly feet. Of course, it all depends on what you’re selling. Stay relevant in the choice of measures you mention; distinguish between men. Women’s and children’s measurements. Indicate the equivalences between your size and international sizes. Take into account customer comments It may happen that a customer indicates in. An email or in a comment that your products are cut larger or smaller. Do not hide this information. On the contrary, be sure to specify it under the size guide, provide, of course, that this remark has been made several times.

An isolate case is not enough

Thanks to the Size Guide modules available on PrestaShop Addons, you can easily create and customize your guides. Additional elements The measurements of the presentation mannequin Some brands also indicate the measurements of the model El Salvador Mobile Number List wearing the garment and the chosen size. Consumers can thus get a more precise idea and compare with their own measurements. Tips for taking measurements In a short paragraph, explain to the consumer how to take their measurements . Specify in particular that they must be taken using a tape measure, which is more flexible than a work meter. A string can also do the trick, provide you then transfer the length to a standard meter, in order to know the measurement.

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The tape measure must not be press against the body

A flat thumb should be able to pass between the skin and the tape. It is also important to take care not to twist the meter, especially at the level of the back, the less visible part. Indicate where the tape should be place depending on the measurement to DX Leads be made neck circumference Above Adam’s apple, while maintaining normal breathing; chest circumference The tape measure must pass through the tip of the breasts, then under the arms, and finally at the level of the shoulder blades; waist circumference For women, at the lowest level, between the navel and the rib cage; waist circumference For men, the waist measurement is taken below the navel; hips or pelvis circumference The widest place, between the buttocks and the hips.

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