Instagram Has a New Boss. How Does It Impact Advertisers?

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, founders of Instagram, whose ownership Facebook bought 6 years ago, have announced their retirement. How does this news impact? Instagram is one of the most successful social networks in recent years. Does this march affect the status-quo of the network? In this article we analyze the news and its implications for all indian phone numbers the near future. It must be taken into account that Facebook is also the owner -in addition to Facebook itself and Instagram- of. Messenger and WhatsApp, It adds the ecosystems. Of social networks and messaging, two of the most adopted digital social models in the world. With what is leveraged in one or the other both to grow. Individually and to maximize consolidated results.

Instagram works and works well

Created in 2010, its first version reaches a million users in a few weeks. The idea: make it easy to take and share great photos. Bought by Facebook in 2015, it is successful in its penetration: 1000M users, 500M active daily, adoption as a new universal language (“insta”, “grammable”, filter…) and maintains a good growth forecast (30% of all social network users in the world could use Instagram in the next 4 years). The most important thing: it is a business success. As an advertising platform, it has doubled revenue every year since 2015. With a 2018 prediction of almost $7B, it is projected to generate $11B in 2019. This growth is the result of an advertising model that works and works well.

How is Facebook doing?

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In the last year, Facebook has suffered several setbacks. Social issues with effects on its reputation such as the appearance of the fake news phenomenon, common security problems such as the recent hack of millions of accounts or -some politicized- such as Cambridge Analytica, or a price crisis such as that of July 25 when after 4 unstoppable DX Leads months of growth suffered a sharp drop to summer 2017 levels. On the other hand, the growth of Facebook in the West has been slowing down. With almost 2.2B users, there are few Western citizens left to grow with (the East is another matter) so Facebook leverages its growth ambitions on Instagram.



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