Instagram Promoted Posts, the Intersection of Ads and Content

Recently, Instagram offers the possibility to promote an organic post (now without making a dark post). Progressively, the difference that used to be between organic and paid content decreases. Paid content is better integrated into the wall. The model where advertising respects the leisure territory of the purely commercial (program-ads-program) is china phone number list coexisting -as well as losing share- to new models.  The harmony between entertainment and advertising is already part of our lives without us realizing it: advertorials, sponsorships, branded content, product placement, Google text ads, Facebook sponsored posts. The investment figures also confirm this.

Understand where value and revenue is generated

Authenticity is probably the strongest value in advertising today. Both in commercial messages that perfectly align the soul of the brand with what resonates with its audience; or in universally relevant social stories with the potential to reach higher audience shares. It is in the joint strategy of advertising and organic content where a value differential is really generated.  And, therefore, a positive differential in income. Understanding both worlds, the daily behavior of the various audience segments in social networks, together with the business and communication objectives of companies, is essential to optimize actions, campaigns and results.


7 keys to a good Sponsored Post

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Regarding the novelty itself, when. A post is sponsored, instagram shows. It to a new audience that otherwise would. Never have seen it. It offers the opportunity. To reach more people who might be interested. In the content enough to follow and engage with the brand or product. The interesting thing here is that, although before. You could promote DX Leads a post from a company account. Now you can promote a post with a strategy behind it. Segment it, include it in a campaign, control the kpi’s. Optimize, track.The most important thing is to understand that everything must be integrated into the same strategy . It’s not about activating Promoted Posts without a full alignment.

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