Instagram Shopping: the New Showcase

Instagram Shopping is presented as the novelty for brands in terms of establishing a dialogue with users, thus helping in the different phases of the purchase process. More and more companies are German phone numbers finding Instagram a great tool to boost their sales. This social network, with 1,000 million users, is a great visual showcase that allows users to access and establish much more direct contact with brands. Through platforms such as Instagram, a series of steps are produced that go from the search for inspiration, to the interaction with the accounts of the different brands, and later, to the purchase of the product.

Instagram Shopping

In this context, Instagram Shopping emerged in 2017, with the aim of selling without the need to access a browser. This function supposes a dynamization of the purchase process. It does this through photos, videos and links that lead to the website of the brand in question. Another option is also presented, which consists of labeling the different products in the same photographs. Option only available for companies. When clicking on the tagged posts in the users’ feed, a page is displayed with different types of information, such as the price, the description of the product, more photographs and access to purchase the product. Instagram Shopping also provides companies with access to data of interest, to optimize performance and refine their sales techniques.

A success that continues to grow

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After the popularity of instagram. Shopping in the united states in 2017, it was transferr. To other scenarios, as is the case in spain in 2018. Companies have observed a notable change in. The purchasing dynamics and even more so. In the results offered by this kind of alternatives. This allows brands to determine which. Products have the DX Leads most impact, or to be able. To compare different purchasing processes to detect. Friction in other online sales channels. Another of the frameworks in. Which the concept of shopping is also develop. Is through instagram stories. With 400 million active users, it makes it easier. For companies to highlight content in a more attractive way than through the feed.


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