Instagram Stories Dynamic Ads: Increase sales with IG Stories

In this article we will talk about Instagram Stories Dynamic. Ads, but instead of focusing on the launch itself, we are going to. Analyze the important aspects, that is, the great opportunity. It brings to you and your business, mainly how it can be used. To increase sales on social media. It is debatable whether Instagram Stories. Dynamic Ads  will be as revolutionary as, say, Instagram Shopping. Checkout .to increase sales on social networks. However, it certainly goes in that direction, and the enormous benefit it brings to marketers is unquestionable, in terms of engagement, leads and sales on social media.


Dynamic Ads: What are they and why are they important?

Instead of a static image, each user is presented with the image that is most likely to lead to a conversion. Through retargeting, the ads are more specific to each user, which means that two people can be online at the same time, on the same site and see different ads. This is because targeted ads are powered by a product feed, which pulls information get korean phone number free directly from your product catalog. So, if you factor the higher engagement rate of Stories into the equation, you can see that this is a very new and powerful placement for dynamic ads to increase your sales. This information is then used in conjunction with the pixel to deliver related advertisements to users. Instead of showing the same image,Adsmurai Marketing Platform Feeds  allows you to display different previews based on the preferences that the user has indicated with their search behavior.


Instagram Stories for businesses

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Instagram Stories date back to 2016, and today, most. Users use this feature to give their friends a sneak peek at the. Brunch they’re enjoying at the moment. We’ve talked a lot before about how it’s been a. Huge development for businesses in terms of user- generated. Content and the benefits it brings. But that’s not all, these benefits go even further, for DX Leads advertisers, this latest release presents a great opportunity in the sense that it will be possible to use Dynamic Ads in Instagram Stories. Engagement, leads, sales. This is the mission of marketing, we have to attract traffic, turn this traffic into a lead and ultimately sales. The beginning of this particular journey begins with the social media post, how do you engage the audience? Well, Instagram Stories get 2-3x more engagement than regular content.

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