Why invest in flexible benefits for my company

Flexible benefits are extra benefits offered to employees in addition to those determin. By law, such as the 13th and vacation, and the net salary. Flexible benefits management has grown in Brazil. In recent years, it has become a differentiator for companies that seek to offer well-being and quality of life as a way of increasing talent retention. In addition to employees, there is a way to bet on this principle to reduce the loss of customers . What are flexible benefits? Flexible benefits are benefits offered to workers that can be negotiated and adapted according to the needs and desires of employees. They are a worldwide trend, they are usually control by points and each person is free to use as they see fit. There is a network of partners to contemplate a wide menu with a variety of offers, to adapt to the various profiles.

What are the advantages of adopting flexible benefits

By diversifying the portfolio and giving employees the option to choose how they can spend their benefits. The company connects differently with its employees. The climate in the work environment is directly link to the relationship between company and employee. When there is flexibility and the possibility Netherlands Phone Number List for employees to feel more autonomous and independent, the feeling of trust increases, improving the relationship with the brand. According to a Glassdoor survey , 57% of employees are happy with their various benefits, which positively impacts talent retention. The advantages of flexibilizing the benefits vary, the main ones are: development of workers’ feelings. Of autonomy; better relationship between employees and the company; possibility of better revealing the profiles. And characteristics of the collaborators; attracting and retaining talent; greater freedom of how to spend the benefits. Increase employee satisfaction and motivation.

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How to implement flexible benefits in the company

In companies, the implementation of flexible benefits is the responsibility of HR along with the accounting sector. To use the benefits club strategy, however, you need to involve customer success DX Leads and marketing. There is no specific law in Brazil on flexible benefits. The rules for this improvement are link to article 468 of the Consolidation of Labor Laws: “In individual employment contracts. It is only permissible to change the respective conditions by mutual consent, and even so provide that they do not result. Directly or indirectly, in damages to the employee, under penalty of nullity of the clause infringing this guarantee. There are several reasons to bet on flexible benefits at your company, mainly to increase talent retention. The price of fuel has fluctuated wildly in recent months — and left many people with their hair standing on end and their wallets empty.

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