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It can be a trademark, the name of a natural or legal person, a business company, and we often come across the domain name itself as a work of authorship. However, the administrator of the . domain is not oblige to check whether the domains and certain rights do not conflict with each other. It cannot even be fairly demand of him, as it is not in his power to determine, for example, whether someone registers a domain name that is identical or interchangeable with someone else’s business name or trademark. Although Czech law does not contain any specific law for the protection of domains unlike.

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Law base primarily on the Civil Code, the Trademark Act and the Copyright Act. How to protect your domain name The ideal solution for protecting your domain will be a trademark. from different manufacturers or service providers. There are many Estonia Phone Number List types of trademarks – verbal name, slogan, slogan , graphic logo , a combination of both, or spatial e.g. the shape of a PET bottle . A trademark never stands alone, but exists in connection with a specific product or service. Trademarks are register in the register kept at the Industrial Property Office on the basis of an application for a period of years, which can be extend.

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By registering a trademark, you obtain the exclusive right to use the trademark in connection with the products or services for which the trademark is protect. In our case, it will be using a trademark as a domain name. How registration principles can be DX Leads abuse Between domains and trademarks, many forms of abuse can occur, in which a certain person deliberately excludes the possibility of further registration of the same domain name by his registration Sample case from the Czech Republic One of the most famous domain disputes in our country is the case concerning the domain ceskapojistovna . This was about the protection of a business company and trademark rights.

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