It Is About Classifying Leads According

To their interest and possibilities of closing a deal. This process consists of assigning a certain score to each of the leads, according to their interaction with the brand. The further down the funnel this interaction is, the more points it represents. For example, a top-of-the-funnel newsletter sign-up is worth less points than downloading a bottom-of-funnel ebook. You need to keep track of these user actions. According to the score obtained by each lead, the sales team knows who is ready for a direct contact, as they have shown much more interest in the solutions offered by your company to their problems.

The focus is always on who is most likely

To convert. Tip What is CRO and how does conversion optimization apply to your business growth? Allows you to segment leads Another clear advantage of a landing page strategy is lead segmentation. This can be done through the actions and materials used on each page. From the information requested or the material provided on the landing page, we Dubai Phone Number List can distinguish the differences between people who are in the purchase journey. Thus, lists and groups with similar interests are created to generate new strategies focused on them, further improving conversion . Reduces customer acquisition cost Acquiring customer information is complicated and requires a huge effort from the marketing and sales team.


There are hours of calls interviews emails meetings

And presentations to keep in touch and get such data, so that they can be better worked on. All this comes at a high cost. A landing page strategy can aggregate a huge amount of data from potential customers in a simple and fast way . You DX Leads stop chasing leads and just offer information so that they come to you. Through the landing page, it is possible to have access to all the relevant information of a lead for later contact. The costs are very low in relation to a common strategy of attracting clients . Essential Functionalities When Using a Panding Page Maker By not needing to use code, landing page creators speed up (and a lot!) the process of creating, editing, publishing and promoting pages, it is only necessary to check a few points to be sure which tool is the right choice

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