It Is Important That You Edit The Ad

The ad has been running for several XY hours, the price for the resulting action is still high or maybe it hasn’t even been calculat yet because no one has met the goal and you’re waiting for a miracle that almost certainly won’t come if you’re selling diamonds, cars, ships, or any other kind of durable goods, ignore the following paragraph . What with this? Immediately start analyzing where the error could have happen. A high price for a target action can be the result of a poorly set target group, an inappropriately chosen creative, an unattractive product and other factors. 

As Quickly As Possible

If you have reach, for example, , people with advertising and there are no conversions, it is high time to think. rd mistake You have too many target groups and a small budget A lot of companies are still starting out with Facebook advertising, or are just hesitating about it. Let’s assume that you have, for example, , crowns EUR per month typical budget Jordan Phone Number List of smaller clients and you want to test multiple target groups. But you have a problem from the first day – Facebook requires a minimum of EUR day and if you have even only different target groups, you simply won’t run ads from the st to the th day. What with this.

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Pause It Until You Resolve The Issue

You have the following options to choose from you start optimizing for daily unique reach or impressions if the nature of the ad allows you choose a different campaign objective ideally conversions you use the ultimate life hack – if you have an advertising account in EUR, the above daily limit applies if you have an account in CZK, Facebook only requires DX Leads CZK day – and it pays off mistake You name campaigns incorrectly and do not give them UTM parameters Open Ads Manager and take a look. Would you immediately find the results of a specific campaign that took place months ago and especially if you graduate multiple clients from one account.

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