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Generate greater and better amounts of leads and business opportunities from the Internet Among other strategic goals! To get started, we ll start by looking to generate leads interested in one of your products or services . I suggest you look at their catalog and choose one of them you can choose a product. A product class, a sector, an environment, etc .  limiting its scope, so that you can carry out tests. Observe results and make adjustments with greater agility. The idea is that, after realizing the success of your first actions for this offer. You reproduce this action plan for your other portfolio items. Example Set for the Living Room, with a sofa and a TV rack.

Want a second example success story

An excellent example of how Orgânica made each of the topics in this tip happen. You can meet him by clicking here . Tip Identify your ideal customer Define the profile of the ideal customer who shows interest and who actually buys your product or Lebanon Phone Number List service. This customer description is called a buyer persona and it presents their characteristics, behaviors and problems. Tip learn what they are and how to write your Buyer Personas ! Your relationship with this customer should demonstrate that you know them deeply, so keep them in mind when planning your marketing action plan . Persona example simplified Maurício is years old and works as a Systems Analyst.

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He enjoys playing video games on the

Internet and watching Netflix while lying on his bed. He has severe back pain. Tip Know where your Buyer Persona is Observe your customer s behavior and find out where he is, which social networks he uses, which blogs he follows, where he buys, etc. In these channels, identify what types of content they are consuming . Tip Attract the attention of DX Leads your buyer persona After identifying what to grab your buyer persona s attention with , produce quality , exclusive, useful and relevant content for her. Do you remember that Maurício persona has back pain, and you want to sell a set for your living room, with a rack and a sofa? Then check out this example Article on your Blog with the title Stop your back pain quick tips.

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