It not enough for your logo to just be entertaining

It not enough for your logo to just be entertaining. Your logo has to communicate who you are, what you do and why your target audience cares. Once you’ve got your brand identity down, your need to flesh out unique ideas that will work for your logo. Because you’re in the entertainment industry, you’ve got pretty wide leeway to get weird with your logo. Compare it to, say, the financial services sector. Financial services logos have to communicate knowledge of the best financial practices, trustworthiness and financial security. airplane logo for movie production company A film production logo design by Juan Carlos Alonso As an entertainer on the other hand, your logo needs to communicate that you make audiences feel things. You might make them laugh.

You might make them examine their lifestyles

Logo design by designer Mori Summer cartoon farmer sitting on a tractor with the text “fail farm” Logo design by designer artvengers video game controlled fashioned like a mash with a large nose. A good E-Commerce Photo Editing Service entertainment logo captures that. Study the logos used by other brands in your specific section of the entertainment map to see what might work for you. Take cues from them, but be careful not to stick to any of these logo ideas too closely—there’s a fine line to dance between fitting in and getting lost in the crowd. You want to make your brand stand out from its competitors, but you also want your logo to make sense to your audience and to let them get a sense of what you do and what they can expect from your brand.

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Read on for some inspiration, so you can get it just right

Amazing ideas for entertainment logos — Punny and funny logos Humor is one of humanity’s most enduring forms of entertainment. If it’s the kind DX Leads of entertainment your brand delivers, make jokes in your logo. Get your audiences laughing, or at least exhaling audibly, the moment they see your logo because if that’s how your relationship starts, they’ll trust you to keep the laughs coming. cinesnob logo Logo design by dan. stiop abstract green image of a masked face with the text “betman” Logo design by designer timoftesilvia two stick figures, one red and one blue, facing each other while looking down at screens with the text twonerds.

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