It Was A One-to-one Training Tailored To The Specific Needs Of The Client

The company now brings together around a hundred French suppliers. These manufacturers are often at the origin of small series, sometimes even limited series. For some of them, is the only merchant site where you can find their production. In total, the site now offers around 10,000 product references. When contacted Soledis, the company faced a real problem of readability in terms of e-commerce. What was it exactly? To boost the attractiveness of its e-commerce offer. The Comptoir des Industries Françaises called on Soledis. The Platinum-certified PrestaShop agency in the West of France.

Thanks to the capabilities of PrestaShop

Soledis experts have helped the Comptoir des Industries. Françaises to better reach its priority targets, while simplifying content management via a single management interface. The bias of is to only offer quality products “Made in France”. Among its customers, there are individuals as well as professionals in the Cafés-Hotels-Restaurants (CHR) sector or even foreign customers. We suggested that Le Comptoir take advantage of the Ivory Coast Mobile Number List migration to PrestaShop 1.7 to better target its BtoB target. B2B e-commerce is the specialty of the web agency Soledis. For this client, the in-depth analysis that we provide before each project was particularly revealing it was essential to target professionals.

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What development have you proposed

To reach this BtoB target We propose to the client to DX Leads go from 2 shops (one in French and one in English) to 3 shops the third would be dedicate to the BtoB target. The ease of multi-store management offer by PrestaShop was of course decisive in getting this proposal accepted. It was essential that the management of back office sites not be made more complex by the arrival of this 3 rd store. Soledis is an official PrestaShop trainer in the city of Nantes. We therefore proposed to our client, as to all our clients, to train him in the handling of his multi-store site. For Soledis this step is essential, it guarantees the autonomy of the customer in the management of his website on a daily basis.

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