It Was Enough For Low-quality Links To Lead

Penguin in real time The Achilles heel of the Penguin algorithm from the beginning was that it damage websites for a very long time and the entire website was affect . If you receive an algorithmic penalty because Google didn’t like something about your links, it was re-evaluate only at the moment of the next algorithm update. E.g. the wait for Penguin . was almost years – so the wait was often long and affect sites suffere significant losses.  to a few subpages of the site, and immediately the entire site disappeare from searches for many months. Google was aware of this, which is why Penguin . addresses both of the aforemention ills Penguin . is real-time.

The Developers Incorporate

Website ranking algorithm, so changes in search results are visible almost immediately. You will thus receive a penalty for any poor quality links very quickly. However, you can also get rid of the penalty. The fact that Penguin is real-time also means that it Bolivia Phone Number List will no longer be update. So it will be, but not impactful. The algorithm will be develop at the same time as the main algorithm and its update will no longer be announc as before. Now the entire website will no longer be penalize, but it will only affect specific pages with links that have something wrong. The impact will be felt by individual URLs, but not by the entire website, as was the case until now.

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Penguin Directly Into Google’s Main

At the same time, the new Penguin came with a first aid package for sites affect by the previous version of this algorithm. If your site was penalize by the previous Penguin and you clean up your link profile, with Penguin . your site should be fully recover . However, if you do not see a drastic improvement in the positions and traffic from Google on the DX Leads affected website from the deployment of the four to the beginning of the second half of October when the algorithm was fully roll out to the whole world , then you probably have not removed all the link problems.

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