Large Files Can Take A Long Time To Load

Directly affecting page performance. In addition, it is necessary to remember that a low performance harms your ranking in the search engines, which consider this factor in their evaluation. An interesting tip is to use image compressors to reduce the size of the files, always remembering to check that the quality and resolution were not affect. Low resolution images can impair the visitor’s understanding and also give the impression of a lack of professionalism. Thus, they hinder the passage of your message and the conversion power of the landing page. Images are a complement to copy , and choosing the most appropriate for your message is also important.

Never place random images

On your landing pages. Focus on what your persona is looking for. Set a keyword Keywords are fundamental to an SEO strategy, making search engines relate your landing page to certain subjects. Try to choose terms that are relevant and appropriate with the product or service offere, as this helps to attract a greater audience to the page. Too Sweden Phone Numbers List many keyword repetitions is not a good idea, as this can be penalize by Google when ranking your page in the organic results. At the same time, inserting multiple keywords that have nothing to do with your topic is also detrimental to rankings. Algorithms are equippe with AI and know how to identify this type of strategy.

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The ideal is to distribute the keyword naturally

Throughout the text, without forcing repetitions and ensuring the coherence of the text. Use smart forms A conversion-focuse landing page needs a form DX Leads to capture visitor data. It is through this that you will obtain the user’s contact for further actions. Forms with lots of fields are not a good idea as they end up looking too intrusive and bring distrust to page visitors. Just stick to what’s essential. Remember, you can start with an email capture landing page, and focus on others that seek more data along the sales funnel as user interest grows. Deliver an interesting layout Layout is critical to conversion. You must have seen some landing pages out there that look like they were made by children, or that give the impression that the page developer had no experience, right?

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