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Are you more of a formal serifs type or a casual sans-serifs type? Every design decision reflects on your band as a whole, so build your brand identity from the ground up with strategic choices. What makes a good band logo? Van Schmetthoven band logo by hyakume When designing a logo for the music industry, it’s important to think about the many places where the logo could appear beyond the bass drum. It can theoretically appear anywhere, so the logo should be incredibly versatile and recognizable. Think about the outstanding iconography of The Rolling Stones’ red tongue logo. Not only does this logo work in a variety of settings, but it always catches the eye. The tongue logo makes a big statement while offering a memorable blend of cheeky personality and vivid color.

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Piece for an artist’s entire career, it should age gracefully. With this in mind, avoid major cultural trends which may or may not be relevant in Clipping Path Service 10 years, such as the latest selection of Apple emojis as well as the current Pantone Color of the Year. A logo should not be a one-hit wonder. What feels meaningful to your band right now needs to also reflect the persona of your band in its future. Amazing ideas for band logos — Now that we’ve reviewed the fundamentals of logo design, let’s get to the visuals. We’ve selected three effective styles for a logos that you’ll want to see (or hear) on repeat. Vintage-inspired band logos Winchester Rebels logo Winchester Rebels – Band Logo by Vespertilio Whiskey Sunrise band logo.

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Whiskey Sunrise  band logo by andrea

TheWhite The Lonely Heartstring logo The Lonely Heartstring Band Logo – Band Logo by jestyr37 David Ashley Trent band logo David Ashley DX Leads Trent – Band Logo by Dalibass From indie rock to artsy folk, there are many musical genres which pair well with this theme. And while the script may be vintage in style, there’s something incredibly modern about these band logos. Curls and scrolls help visually guide the eye through each element of the logo, offering an aesthetically pleasing experience that feels balanced and refreshing. Lighthearted and quirky band logos The Countercats band logo The Countercats – Band Logo by SKitanovic Elle G logo Elle G – Band Logo by ed-creative Sweet Potato Slim logo Sweet Potato Slim – Band Logo by Made by Mystie Bushwick Blooze Band logo Bushwick Blooze Band.

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