Understand more about what customer loyalty its metrics

Being able to contain the loss of customers is an effort by many companies. They create strategies, departments and resources so that cancellations are lower. But to be successful, you need to know what customer loyalty is. To contain churn it is necessary to align strategies. Customer loyalty is a way to keep active consumers connected to your company. Furthermore, according to Fundera , 65% of a company’s business comes from current customers . If you want to find out more about customer loyalty, its importance and how to measure the success of this strategy, read on! What is customer loyalty? Customer loyalty is a process of retaining customers who are already part of the company’s active base. For this, it is necessary to work on trust between consumers and the company, through differentiated service, excellent products and competitive differentials. A person is loyal to your brand from the moment they choose to do business with your company on a recurring basis.

Increase brand credibility with customers

By satisfying the wishes and desires of customers , the company is able to reinforce that its service is of quality. People only go back to doing business with brands that create real value for them. Therefore, it is important to offer an experience that goes beyond consumption, but also generates feelings and stories. This Italy Phone Number List relevance strengthens a very popular marketing strategy: word of mouth. People like to recommend products that they feel prestigious, encouraging friends, family and acquaintances to buy. Don’t doubt your customers’ influencing ability, it’s real. It is cheaper to retain loyalty than to acquire new customers. As we said, the strategy of working on customer loyalty is more economical than conquering new consumers. To gain loyalty, it is possible to use different strategies, such as its own benefits club that offers a network of partners with offers and discounts for consumers. Any segment can work to create this loyalty strategy.

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Promotes word of mouth marketing

You must also have already referred a company, establishment or professional to a family member or friend. You probably made this referral because you used the services or heard great things about them. This is word of mouth marketing. The saying goes that the satisfied customer always comes back, but it DX Leads can be complemented with “and bring someone else”, as they end up sharing this positive experience with other people and promoting the brand in a spontaneous way. People trust what others are saying, which is why word of mouth marketing is so valuable. Realize that companies have used comments, feedbacks and notes to “convince” their customers of the quality of their products or services. This works even better when the referral is made directly by these people. How do you measure customer loyalty? There are different ways to measure customer loyalty. It is important to emphasize that people are also composed of emotions and, therefore, it is difficult to try to measure the whole relationship with numbers or coldness. But there are metrics that track customers.

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