Meet Lecupon what is it how does it work and how does it promote

If you still don’t know what Lecupon is, you are missing a great opportunity to work on attracting. Retaining and retaining your customers. The startup created in 2016, helps companies in the B2B2C market to create their own benefits club. Offering thousands of promotions and discounts to their consumers, reducing churn rates . It is a complete benefit management solution for companies and entities that want to stand out in the market! What is Lecupon? Lecupon is a startup from Minas Gerais that provides its customers with a complete platform for managing benefits with differentiated features: white label application, digital portfolio, menu of offers, data panel and advice to monitor customer success. The company exists with the purpose of optimizing the performance of companies and strengthening the pillars of achievement, retention and satisfaction. Lecupon believes that encouraging its own ecosystems generates autonomy.

How does Lecupon work

Lecupon offers a complete end-to-end benefits management experience. We have developed a platform that includes everything the company needs to have a good benefits program. Whether for its employees, customers and/or stakeholders (associates, cooperative members, suppliers, among others). In addition Saudi Arabia Phone Number List to the application fully customized with the visual language of the contracting company. Lecupon offers a dashboard with information on usage and access to each promotion. With this data it is possible to have insights to get to know your consumers better, improving your attraction, retention, loyalty and loyalty strategies. It is a true connection between brands and people through a fully personalized digital platform. With LeCupon, any business can have its own smart savings system — with discount coupons and cashback. What is Lecupon’s Smart Economy? Offering promotions and exclusive offers is not the only way to promote the economy.

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I want for my clients

In this option, you can talk to our team to set up your own benefits club in order to retain your customers and increase your company’s revenue. Your application is available on Google Play and App Store, with visual language fully integrated with your brand. Lecupon’s partner network will be available and you will be DX Leads able to register your own partners, choosing who you want your customers to have access to. In addition, the data dashboard will be enabled to measure the efficiency of your customers’ use of coupons. I want for my company If you liked Lecupon and think that the company you work for could benefit from a partnership, you also have the possibility to refer! In this option, you indicate the company you work for to talk to our team and start a partnership.

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