New Design of Adsmurai Marketing Platform

Adsmurai Marketing Platform was born from the need to offer you control from a single window to each and every one of the functionalities you need to be able to scale your Social Ads campaigns. Stand out from your competitors with 100% personalized creatives . How? Importing your designs or using our creative manager to generate new ones. What will you get? Shine and get the right format for each channel, always managing to transmit the right message to each user.Launch your campaigns in the Philippines mobile number example blink of an eye across multiple channels and markets. What will you get? Save time and increase your efficiency. Stay up to date with your results on multiple channels.

One platform to control it all

Adsmurai Marketing Platform acts as the control center for your Social Ads campaigns . Our platform, designed to meet your needs and streamline your tasks, gives you the tools and information you need to optimize your advertising investments on a wide variety of networks: Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest and Twitter. Give maximum visibility to your products . How? Optimizing your catalog and generating dynamic ads on the most important platforms. What will you get? Increase your sales, impacting the right audience with the product they are looking for. And, importantly, saving time and resources.


Get your campaign strategy and goals aligned.

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How? Comparing your estimates with the results, in real time, of all your campaigns by country and platform. What will you get? Be more efficient and save a lot of time by being able to easily track your DX Leads business goals and budgets. How? Being able to see, on a single screen , all the data you need. In addition, whenever you want, you can obtain and download personalized reports. What will you get? Know what is happening without having 500 pages open on your computer.

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