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Today when you buy a robot, you have access to a global digital ecosystem including recipes, user programs, remote control via your smartphone. and an exclusive gift as soon as you register your product online. The merchant site must not compete with distributors. The important thing is customer satisfaction. Allow him to buy where he wants with a similar offer, regardless of the sales channel . Geoffroy Franqueville, Omnichannel Brand & Consumer Experience Director, Magimix. The crisis, driving new ideas For Magimix, the Covid crisis has accelerated change. By going overnight from 3,000 points of sale to 3 e-commerce sites.

The company had to call on its trainers in charge

Of store demonstrations, to produce explanatory videos by their own means which were broadcast on the networks. social. The company also called on influencers as part of the Home Food Magimix operation, to develop recipe and educational content to help consumers cope with preparing three meals a day during periods of confinement. An operation Lanka Mobile Number List coupled with a contextual promotional offer and a donation to the Hôpitaux de Paris. There is no longer a barrier between retail and e-commerce, you have to think in terms of connected commerce. We plan to develop innovative live shopping with our partner Unify to deploy virtual demonstrations in our distributors’ stores.

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Geoffroy Fran, Omnichannel

Brand & Consumer Experience Director, Magimix.  We strive to develop the most sustainable and scalable architecture possible to be deployable DX Leads internationally and support the growth of the company. Our goal is to ensure that the customer merchant experience is as smooth as possible. Thomas Rayrat, Commercial Director and Partner, Evolutive Group For an international deployment, the choice of the platform remains predominant so that the internal teams focus on business development and value creation. With a relevant e-commerce solution, the brand experience can be the same in all countries, subject to the power of local distribution which sometimes requires bringing in pure players. The challenge essentially lies in the ability to manage and deliver all the distribution channels. The Covid has crushed borders. The unified experience can only develop the business of each of the players.

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