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Compliance with GDPR In , the General Data Protection Law came into force in Brazil and established clear rules on the collection, storage, treatment and sharing of personal data, imposing a higher standard of protection and significant penalties. Therefore, it is essential that the landing page creation tool offers data protection fields , in accordance with the law. It is worth remembering that the fines provided for non-compliance range from % of gross revenue to R$ million (per infraction), and will start to be applied from August . Safety Has it ever happened that you access a website and the message Not safe appears? With the popularization of HTTPS.

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A Google ranking criterion , it is less and less common to find such sites, but they have not yet become extinct. Certain landing page creation tools do not provide a security certificate for the pages , which is even worse, since the vast majority of landing pages have forms for requesting data. Remembering that this is not just visual or to pass security landing France Phone Number List pages in HTTPS actually offer more protection , such as the principles of confidentiality, integrity and authentication. responsiveness Yea! It is still necessary to talk about responsiveness, as there are companies and tools that produce landing pages that do not adapt to smaller screens. It s no longer just about good for SEO or impacts on conversion rate having pages that adapt and that also offer great experiences.

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Ease of use If companies turn to tools for creating landing pages in search of productivity and ease, it seems redundant to say that they must DX Leads be easy to use, right? But complex and bureaucratic tools are still very common, which offer a confusing experience and, in the end, end up being more of a hindrance than a help. Opt for tools that have a drag&drop system , easy and real-time editing, simply by dragging, dropping and editing elements Landing Page Creator It is also worth giving preference to tools in Portuguese. This can be a lot easier when you need to do something really fast and you want to identify things on autopilot.

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