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Indicators that invite you to try a flourishing adventure subject to preparing this deployment well. 1. An offer adapted to the target markets Who is your best ally to try the export experience? According to Nicolas Rateau, VP Midmarket of PrestaShop, both. The marketplace often makes it possible to take the first step, to test the responsiveness of the target market to your brand and your products, and this, at a lower cost. Because before investing in a new destination, it is best to check the relevance of your offer with the local culture. Knowledge of a market and its players is an essential step. If many organizations can support you for your marketing studies, Bpifrance Export.

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Marketplaces offer the opportunity for a real-life experience. It should be noted that in Europe, EBay, Ali Express and Amazon are the top cross-border marketplaces [1] . of your export project, your e-commerce site will be the best asset to develop the Poland Mobile Number List visibility of your brand and especially the customer relationship. Find the intervention of Nicolas Rateau on the occasion of the Bpifrance program Ecommerce BtoB exportez-vous! » 2. Translation: a customer and SEO issue For tomorrow, we have a more global reflection within the company, namely how to attack the Anglo-Saxon markets, including the United States, with our brand, Les 2 Marmottes. Julien Scheickardt, Chief Digital Officer Les 2 Marmottes To deploy its sales abroad, translation is a major issue both vis-à-vis end customers.

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To benefit from a relevant natural referencing, consistent with the requests of Internet users. If the translation represents a substantial investment, it is nonetheless essential to validate the legitimacy and validity of your brand, the name of your products, DX Leads exchange with your future buyers and use appropriate communication rules, and this particularly in the context of a BtoC market. It has indeed been proven that consumers prefer to shop on a site in their native language. PrestaShop 1.7.8 Easily import and export your content with PrestaShop 1.7.8 PrestaShop 1.7.8 allows the export/import of your themes, back office, front office, automated e-mails and the content of your modules, which facilitates translations into other languages ​​and therefore your international expansion.

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