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Brand mentions We’ve already talked about backlinks and how important they are to your business. However, simple mentions of the brand are also interesting to generate authority and create relevance . For this, just a citation instead of a link already has value. Google’s algorithms are increasingly advanced and are able to read. And understand when a quote is referring to a particular brand, identifying the context of that quote and analyzing whether it is positive or negative. For example if there is a discussion on a forum or blog about your brand.

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These citations involving your domain, and this will influence your authority in a positive or negative way. Because of this, acting on these citations should also be an important activity within an SEO strategy , to avoid having too many negative opinions that impact your page’s ranking performance . Tip tips to make your business appear on Google What is a Islands Phone Number List keyword?  positioning in search engines is the correct choice of keyword . In short, it is the search term that the user searches to get to a page. For example, someone who needs to buy a running shoe might search for the term best running shoe . Therefore, it is very important to do keyword research to find the terms that are relevant to your target audience.

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We call head tail keywords those that are shorter , with one or two words, and that represent the segment as a whole — something generic, which could be broken down into various content and with different directions. At first, when we still DX Leads don’t have much knowledge about SEO , it may seem like a good idea to invest in this type of word, after all, when we do searches, we can see that they have a lot of searches . However, in addition to high volume, competition is also a factor. This can hurt your rankings , as the dispute occurs with pages from domains with a high authority rate on the Internet. This is a common mistake made by many people who are still at the beginning of their SEO journey .

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