Political rallies on Instagram

Political communication is an area that has evolved quite a bit in recent years. However, it is a framework in which many of the strategies that have been taking place, mainly with the appearance of charismatic figures such as John F. Kennedy, have been recycled. Since then, in terms of political marketing, certain strategies and trends that have marked the trajectory of many political profiles have been taken as an example.  We have observed special attention to this issue since the appearance of the managers email list first televised debates in which it was found that there are elements that go beyond words or speeches read. In terms of political communication, everything counts. It is essential to understand that the trends followed by users and the audience are essential when defining the needs in terms of content creation.

Change of scenery

The changes to which political communication. Adapts are due to external factors, linked mainly to the different. Trends in the media, currently and for years, marked by the presence. Of new technologies.  We have seen from campaigns. In which the discourse has been transferred to other. Famous personalities (singers, actors, writers…), different debate. Formats, interviews, documentaries, to the most current. Ones in which the scenario has completely changed, everything. Is more instant. Today, all political content is just one click away.


Instagram: the game-changer of political discourse

managers email list

It is important that we understand the development that the political discourse has been following. As new methods of persuasion have emerged, they have been incorporated into the different strategies that are part of political communication.  The current political discourse focuses on strategies centered on a way of communicating that is close and DX Leads spontaneous. This is where new media, such as social networks, play a fundamental role. Today, an electoral discourse is inconceivable that does not have a presence on all channels.

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