Pre-footer And Footer Should Contain The Reassurance Elements

The availability of an item and delivery times are often determining factors in a purchase. A consumer seduced by a product may in fact give up buying it because of excessively long delivery times or excessive delivery costs. If he discovers these elements after payment or just before paying, he may feel that he has been cheated. A visitor discovering a product sheet must therefore be able to find: the availability of the article in stock or not, available within how many days ; delivery fees ; the delivery time ; the delivery methods to a relay point, at home, in store . 9. Communicate the return and refund policy Buying.

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The risk that the product does not correspond to what the consumer wanted. It is then reassuring for him to know more about the options of return or refund in case of dissatisfaction . Dedicate a page dedicated to your policy , indicating the elements Slovenia Mobile Number List relating to: withdrawal periods at least 14 days ; return conditions; return costs. 10. Secure payment Payment is a decisive act that must be secured. Customers are intransigent on this point. They also appreciate having the choice between different means of payment . 11. Write the legal notices and the general conditions of sale GTC Like the data privacy policy, the legal notices and the T&Cs are essential elements of reassurance.

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As they are reassuring from a legal point of view

Consumers like to feel that their purchase is supervised. The legal notices must appear on a dedicated page and indicate: the name of your DX Leads company; your identity ; the address of the head office; the legal form of the business; the Siret number; the VAT number; information about the site host, etc. Do not forget that the legal mentions are obligatory. The T& Cs cover many of the points set out above. They detail all the stages of purchase, in order to provide a maximum of answers to the customer and to strictly supervise the act of sale. The T&Cs are also mandatory for an online store. Dedicate a dedicated page to them. 12. Intelligently Locate Reinsurance Elements If you want your visitors to be reassured in seconds, your store’s home page, header.

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