Learn how to set up an internet provider in 9 steps

Learning how to set up an internet provider can be an interesting way to start a business. According to the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee, in 2020, the country reached 152 million users. That is, 81% of the population over 10 years old have internet in their homes. These numbers show how thriving and growing this sector is. If compared to the year 2019, there was a 7% increase in the number of people who are connected to the network. If you are interested in investing in the sector, check out the 9 steps on how to set up an internet provider! 9 steps to set up an internet provider 1. Analyze the region Knowing the region is essential to be able to assess the commercial potential of where you are investing. If you think of setting up an internet provider via radio, for example, it is necessary to have favorable weather conditions for the performance.

Choose the tax regime in which you will work

The rules determine for individuals and legal entities define how taxes will be pay to the federal government. It is necessary to choose the correct regime, so as not to lead to wrong payments. There are three types of tax regime: Simples Nacional: gross revenue must be up to R$ 4.8 million; Presumed Profit: companies Russia Phone Number List in the financial sector and revenues greater than R$78 million; Real Profit: institutions with annual revenues that do not exceed R$ 78 million. The choice of regime must take place at the opening of the company or in the first month of the year. The option you will make directs the payment of federal, state and municipal taxes. 3. Get the authorization ANATEL (National Telecommunications Agency) offers a license — only for Legal Entities — to guarantee operations in the area. The license is from SCM (Multimedia Communication Service).

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Buy your equipment

In order to build a quality internet provider, you need to have some basic equipment. We list the necessary items to invest in this market and become the best option for your customers. Device needed to forward data packets from the network to the user. The router checks the destination for this data, according to the DX Leads script determined by the routing table. Then the data is forward for distribution by the next routers until reaching the final destination. PPoE Server The PPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) server is a protocol for connecting users to an Ethernet network with authentication, encryption and compression for data security. PPoE connects multiple users on a LAN to the Internet using a DSL line. It can be do wirelessly or by the common cabling modem. Aggregation switches Fundamental pieces for the aggregation layer and for the interaction between the other edge and access layers.

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