Create a blog in 2022 / 2023 What are the questions to ask

In 2022 blogs continue to progress , and this under different CMS (Content Management System). According to the needs of bloggers and the activities they wish to develop. However, it is the WordPress CMS that remains. At the top of the most use modules to create a website from A to Z. The CMS is therefore to be installed on a server, rented from a host such as OVH.  LWS, 1&1 or other service providers. It is not a question of going through a hosting offered free of charge by WordPress itself. A blogger who wants to get involve and work on his natural referencing will necessarily go through separate hosting.  Whether attach to a shared or dedicate server. In addition , installing WordPress is now done in automatic mode with the vast majority of hosts, so no great difficulties at this level. However, what are the questions to ask when starting the creation of a blog in 2022/2023.

Wix, a real alternative to WordPress

In addition there are many resources available to guide you in creating your website / blog. Wix is ​​basically free but several paid options can be unlocked to allow you to access only the Taiyuan Phone Number List functions you need. You will be able to test the solution to see if it suits your needs. Wix also offers customer support that accompanies your projects to guide you in finding the right settings and ways to meet your expectations. DISCOVER WIX The WordPress CMS WordPress is the most used CMS in the world! However, the fact remains that it is reserve for those who want to put their hands in it, to ensure the many settings to obtain a perfect blog. You will need a Template, preferably premium, and with that a good dose of patience to take advantage of it. A point all the more true if the theme includes a Page Builder.

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Why do I want to create a blog

Logically, we do not create a blog just to create a blog! For example, you can be passionate and want to share your passion with the rest of the world! Any blog creation project must start with objectives, otherwise it will quickly run out of steam along the way. blogger and blogger Caution : Contrary to popular belief DX Leads on the web, the blog is not a project that can be set up in 5 minutes and which will bring you €3,000 from the first months of its online publication! If you still believe in unicorns, you’ve come to the wrong place! Instead, go to the side of dream merchants who sell training to make you millionaire bloggers. If they have become so, it is thanks to those who have unfortunately bought their training. What rich blogger, brewing millions, would waste his time creating training courses and then bother to sell them.

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