Ready for the 2020 Christmas Campaign?

Expectations for the 2020 Christmas campaign are high: rise of the mobile shopping experience, personalization of campaigns through big data, dissemination of promotional codes for e-commerce, click&collect as a new purchasing system, diversification of channels (online, mobile , physical…), users as speakers and ambassadors of the brand Singapore number example in social media. And that’s not all, the forecasts are also high. In Spain, 70% of consumers do not plan to reduce spending during the Christmas season (average spending in 2019 was 554 euros). 74% will look for gift ideas on online platforms, so it is important that you read our post on Why your business should be on Pinterest . And 73% of consumers will complete the purchase process during the Christmas holidays on online channels, such as you can see in the following graph.

3 strategies for Christmas campaigns 2020

Before establishing the strategy for your Christmas campaign, we must analyze the data from previous years and make a plan that includes issues such as budget, KPIs, seasonal keywords, and optimization for different platforms and devices…  We are surely facing the largest digital Christmas campaign in history, it is one of the most important moments at the end of the year and it is very important to be clear about our marketing objective for the Christmas campaign. At Samurai, we suggest three typical strategies depending on your marketing objective.

Link Offline and Online

Singapore number example

If you have a physical point of sale and want to measure the impact of your Social Media campaigns on your store, don’t overlook this strategy. Especially this year, taking into account the restrictions on physical stores and the trends that are on the rise (click&collect, mobile, channel diversification…). We must bear in mind that online DX Leads and offline are part of the same process that goes in both directions. That is why you may have heard of omnichannel. The presence and adaptation of the message in different channels and platforms depend on where the user is in the funnel.> Before explaining what the Offline Conversions by Adsmurai strategy consist of , this is the glossary of the terms that we will use.

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