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Advanced e-books and guides. . Purchase Decision You have already defined the best solution. Maria already understands that she will need to invest in content and SEO . Now she is searching for testimonials, cases and information that justify and base her decision to choose the best supplier . Recommended content types product demos, tastings, free trials, case e-books, product service comparisons. Action Maria bought the product or hired the service and it solved her problem! In conclusion. The decision to buy from a company is made by several factors.

The one that accompanied the client

From the discovery of his problem to his decision, providing quality content and relevant materials, will have his trust and will be the main option for him ! Inbound Marketing Statistics Against numbers, there are no arguments! “Inbound Marketing is % cheaper than traditional marketing and on average generates x more leads.” Hubspot “With Inbound Kenya Phone Number List Marketing, companies that use blogs get % more links pointing to their company.” Hubspot “The average ROI return on investment produced by Inbound Marketing is %.” Rock Content “On average, % of American marketers say that Inbound Marketing is essential for companies, given the current economy.” Rock Content Here at Orgânica, we have followed some steps that will help you with your customers Buying Journey.

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Our guide for free! Step by step to attract new customers and achieve results with Digital Marketing Now that you know the basics of Inbound Marketing, check out steps that will help your company sell % more! Tip Start by defining your goal An Inbound Marketing project can lead you to numerous goals, for example Increase your brand recognition Develop DX Leads the image of the company and its representatives as an authority on matters associated with its market. Generate value in the relationship with the target audience through useful and relevant content Gain permission to speak directly to the target audience Educate and qualify the target audience so that they make the right decision, that is, for your products or services Decrease sales cycle time through consumer education Having the brand as consumer choice preference

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