How to make blogging your best sales prospecting tool

Appeared in the 90s, blogging is today a formidable marketing tool . According to recent studies, it is even the most profitable marketing approach after social networks. Despite this, many companies are still hesitant to create their blog, preferring to rely on more “conventional” marketing strategies. Today, I bring you more details, revealing all the reasons to have a blog to promote your business, as well as the means to develop it. How is blogging good for prospecting? Blogging is one of the most important commercial prospecting tools , for the following reasons: 1. Easy installation Setting up a blog for your website is a very simple thing that any business owner can do, they are easily updatable and you are able to add content whenever you deem it necessary. How is blogging good for prospecting Even if you don’t have a blog on your website yet.

A closer relationship with customers

Thanks to a blog, your target audience gets to know your company, your products and your services better. This makes it easier for him to trust you. A trust that often translates into an easy List of Real Phone Numbers transition from prospect status to that of customer. A closer relationship with customers 6. Better market positioning A well-designed blog with great content shows that your company is one of the leaders in its sector. For your target audience, you are a reliable source of knowledge about the products and services they are looking for. This makes her more inclined to buy from you rather than from a competitor she knows nothing about! Now that you know the importance of a blog for your business, let’s take a look at the different methods by which you can make your blog more successful. To help you, many resources are available on the subject, including our article on the theme.

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How to best optimize your blog for commercial

When it comes to web marketing, remember this rule: Google hates inactive websites and blogs! To ensure good visibility on the web and allow. You to generate more customers, your blog must be constantly up to date. You need to inject new content regularly. The frequency of publication is just as telling. It is always better DX Leads to post one article per day than to post 7 in a row on the same day. 2. Bet on quality content Based on very advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, Google robots have extraordinary intelligence, which makes it easier for them to detect duplicate or poor quality content. Similarly, the question often arises of whether to favor long or short articles. As such, you have to know how to balance your content, knowing that Google will favor long articles if you aim to achieve good positioning on its search engine.

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