Segment Your Personas For The Most Concrete Results

Segmenting your personas turns out to be very effective . Indeed, a campaign can reach several different people for needs that are also different. So you have to ask yourself the right questions: How do you stand out from the competition so that customers choose you? What would encourage them to come to you rather than to another? How old is your target audience? What are his needs? What are their buying habits? Is the highlighting of your product and its purchase price correct? To make this clearer for you, let’s take the example of TV ads for Vinted: On one side you can find an advertisement showing us a young woman selling clothes that no longer suit her or that she no longer likes.

We can conclude that the target

Groups people wishing to make room in their cupboards. On the other, a granny wishing to spoil her granddaughter with clothes that no longer fit her because she is growing up quickly. The target here would be grandparents or young mothers Canada Mobile Number List wishing to bring their children’s and/or grandchildren’s almost new clothes back to life. More recently, we can find a couple of young women, one wanting to surprise the other and who goes to this famous application to find their happiness there, such as vases, candles or even frames. Here we have a completely different target focused on decoration. Here we can therefore perceive several targets and several personas but for the same service.

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In conclusion As you will have understood

Establishing a list of several personas before launching DX Leads your new product/service for your online store or other e-commerce site is essential to adapt your content according to your typical buyer profiles and therefore create maximum conversion . This may take time, seem redundant to you but as said so well Sacha Guitry: To please everyone is to please anyone . So take care of your campaign so that it is as suitable as possible in order to reach people likely to be really interested in what you offer. The legal steps not to miss to create an e-commerce site By Guillaume Robez – February 10, 2022 – schedule 8 mins.

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