SEO content why and how to produce it

Gaining visibility, positioning yourself on strategic keywords and increasing your SEO traffic takes a lot of time and effort. To achieve this, creating useful and optimized content is a necessity. When a potential customer searches on Google related to your industry, your site must be positioned in the first results of the results page (also called “SERP”). It is therefore necessary to write relevant content to be visible on the request of the Internet user . The objective of SEO content is to attract more people to your site or e-commerce in order to achieve your business challenges: more sales, more visibility , more leads… In this article, discover why and how to create SEO content , with the detailed method and tools to achieve it. Why write SEO content? Content, the pillar of natural referencing SEO is a set of good practices to apply to a site in order to meet the requirements of search engines . Content, the pillar of natural referencing.

Strengthen its positioning and target new keywords

The objective of SEO content is simple: to respond to a user request with quality content . After targeting the queries that correspond to your sector of activity and that interest you. You can create or optimize content. Strengthen its positioning and target new keywords. This content will strengthen your current Finland Phone Number List positions, by working on semantics and integrating. The keywords on which you want to position yourself. Consider integrating long-tail queries: their monthly search volume is lower, but they are more precise. Aand therefore more likely to convert. If you notice that a page of your site is not positioned well enough (for example, on the second page of the SERPs). Then you can rework your content: semantic field, keywords, internal linking, structure, markup, link anchors… If a piece of content is well positioned (top 3) but does not generate a click, then the title and meta description tags must be made more dynamic to encourage the click.

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SEO content to develop the semantic cocoon

The semantic cocoon is an SEO technique popularized by SEO expert Laurent Bourrelly. The technique consists of linking together content dealing with the same theme in order to create a funnel. From the most generic content to the most specific content. By improving the internal linking, the PageRank is better DX Leads distribute between each page. The highest page in the tree will bring value to the other pages, and vice versa. Thanks to the cocoon, a site can deal with a theme as a whole, for example. By creating content for each question from Internet users. By doing this, the entire semantic field of this theme is use and Google perceives the site as a reference on the subject. The Steps to Creating Successful SEO Content Do a keyword research. Keyword research is an essential step in defining your content strategy . It helps answer the following questions: What is my target looking for? What are the terms (keywords) use by my target

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