How could the SEO referrer evolve in the years to come

The SEO referrer is a real pivotal role within a company, because it helps to develop the visibility of a company on the web. Whether working in-house, within an agency or as a freelancer, the SEO referrer could well evolve into a broader role in the years to come. It would therefore integrate all the channels on which a company can position itself, and beyond that work on issues related to e-reputation . Some SEO experts are already working, and without a doubt, on image and notoriety levers, but not all of them. Let’s see in broad outline what it is, without making this observation a generality among all SEO experts. SEO: Not just a story between Google and content! In SEO, we must integrate many levers and parameters to seek to gain visibility. The central element being the content, and the major objective mainly aimed at the good positioning of its content on search engines , in particular Google.

Traffic and Visibility Basic Business Goals

The first steps of a business on the Internet are closely linked with traffic and visibility objectives. If this is present online through a website. However, many companies do not integrate this visibility work to be sought. Some think it’s useless, others that it’s a job that takes too much time. Still others will think Jiangxi Phone Number List that social networks will suffice and one thing leading to another. SEO can quickly become secondary, even hidden. It must also be say that SEO or natural referencing does not speak to all companies. It is often bloggers, experts on the subject and the media, who by dint of evangelization, allow many professional actors to know more. At that time they integrate it and work more seriously on the subject of SEO and web referencing in the broad sense. Which leads some to say that: SEO experts or SEO consultants are and will be highly sought after profiles in the months and years to come.

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Image and notoriety Objectives to work on in SEO

Image and notoriety stem above all from gaining visibility. And it is possible in some cases to work on everything in parallel. Making yourself visible is not just a question of the Internet, but rather DX Leads of a set of levers and actions. Which are in turn used in the context of online and offline work. Image and notoriety: Objectives to work on in SEO. This is where the role of the SEO expert could evolve. Working on a multi-channel presence and with dedicated tools. Take the example of influencer marketing. Which relies on the size of influencer communities to categorize them. We could work with a company in order to seek its influence and bring it to be indispensable. Could this be a role that an SEO expert could take on? Why not when we consider the content in parallel.


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