SEO Tutorial Spying on a Competing Website for Keyword Ideas

This natural referencing tutorial introduces two key concepts: What is an SEO competitor really? How to find the keywords that this competitor exploits? The answers will surprise some neophytes who should be accompanied in order to have an overview of the positioning factors on search engines . Explanations. Understand what a real competitor is in terms of SEO Optimizing the natural referencing of your website requires integrating the following reality: Your online competitors are not necessarily the same as in real life. Let’s see why. Example of 2 competing companies on the same activity In a market, two companies that sell the same type of product or the same type of service are competitors. They address the same customer profiles. Logical example: SalesForce, Zoho CRM, Axonaut and Teamleader are all CRM software vendors. All these companies therefore have an interest in publishing content optimized for the Google search engine in order to attract their potential buyers to their respective websites.

Identify your real SEO competitors

But then, how to find your real competitors in terms of keywords? Don’t panic, you’ll see, it’s very simple. Identify a high search volume keyword. This first step consists in finding a generic keyword strongly related to its activity. Or, more precisely the general theme which represents the center of interest Lithuania Phone Number List of its buyer. In B2C, for an ailurophile person (who likes cats), the generic keyword. Of the theme can for example be “cat’s meow” , with 22,200 searches per month. In B2B, for a project manager. The generic keyword of the business theme is “project management” , with 12,000 searches per month. To find the monthly search volume for a keyword, you can use tools. Such as: The Google Ads Platform Keyword Planner, SEMrush software. Yooda Insight software. These SEO tools tell you the monthly search volume for a word or group of words. This makes it easy to check whether the term you thought of is indeed a keyword or not.

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Find competing sites positioned on this keyword

Let’s say our business is to sell products for cats. Let’s focus on the key phrase “cat meow” that appeals. To our potential ailurophile buyers (not cats, but owners of course). Simply type “cat meow” into The pages of the sites which are positioned on this key expression are displayed in the results: identify DX Leads competing sites on Google We now have a list of websites to spy on! Spy on a competing website with SEMrush Among the sites found in Google, let’s take the site and spy on it with the SEMrush software. Objective: to find ideas for keywords relating to cats. Get relevant keywords In the “domain overview” tab, we enter the domain name and click on “search” : Spy on a website Let’s click on the “organic search” tab to obtain the list of keywords on which the site is position. Spy on a competitor’s keywords In the overview of the keywords below, we see a problem.

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