Should you write short or long SEO articles

A question that is often asked by beginner bloggers, as well as by those who absolutely want to integrate an SEO dimension into the content they produce. Should we write long or rather short articles , when we aim for a good natural referencing ? Long articles in SEO Why should we write long content, that is to say beyond 1000 words and sometimes much more? It all depends on where you place the cursor when you say long! For that you have to go back some time and see how Google highlighted this parameter. Studies indicated that most of the articles positioned in first position on Google , were more than 2000 words. Which implied, it takes a long time! This is not devoid of common sense, when we know that new content is pouring into the search engine every day, in order to be indexed.

When to write long articles

Long articles would therefore be more inclined to obtain a good positioning. They will have to be favore to position themselves with stone-made articles. These are the most important Henan Phone Number List articles on your site, as they represent the foundation of your expertise in some way. There should only be one per strong keyword. Example: A long article that explains what a community manager is, and short articles that will focus on a subject or a point related to CM. Since within the short articles we will mention the term community manager, we will create an internal mesh by placing links on this keyword, which will return to the long article. We will make our site known by seeking good positioning on the long article, thanks to work on organic traffic. Then we will create short satellite content, which will point to the long article.

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Short articles in SEO

If we understand the principle stated, it is therefore easy to know. That short articles will be consider for readers and it is within. These articles that we will insert links that will point to our referent DX Leads and longer articles. Why and when to write short articles? This is a principle that helps restore a balance in web writing , while meeting readers’ expectations and considering Google. Note that these tips are not an absolute in terms of SEO , because we all have different sites, different topics and authority levels which are also different. In the end, you have to be able to capitalize on a set of parameters and let time do things. It’s up to you to optimize your content and adapt it to your audience and what suits you. A long article will not rank in the top 3 Google overnight. It’s a long process of patience and producing optimized content, but it will pay off in the end! I’m just giving you my approach.

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