Manage your WordPress blog from your smartphone or tablet

The blog has been one of the best channels for many years , for the distribution of content on the one hand, and in order to gain visibility when working on natural referencing . Social networks appeared for their part, much later and are rather considered as levers to help visibility in addition to the blog. Networks allowing you to gain visibility more quickly compared to work on SEO in particular. In any case, it will be necessary to work on the creation of communities for its social networks and the creation of audiences for its blog. Did you know that you don’t need to use your computer all the time to manage your blog? You can do it from your mobile or even a tablet! Manage your blog from the WordPress mobile app WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) or content manager for creating a website or a blog.

Prepare your texts on mobile applications

Several mobile applications will allow you to write your content, as if you were doing it from Word on your computer. There are paid and free versions with maximum functionality. The easiest way Find Your Phone Number is to download Microsoft Office (Word) on your mobile. You can even continue writing your texts via a familiar interface and even retrieve your drafts from a drive (One Drive, Google Docs etc…). Otherwise, you can opt for other applications: Pages on iOS WPS Office Office Document Polaris Office Docs To go… If you want to directly create and manage content in HTML format, you can use applications like SimpleText. Boost your blog with the Pinterest mobile app For several years, Pinterest has seduced the majority of bloggers and we quickly understand why. This is a very interesting platform that allows you to pin many images.

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Save the articles that interest you for your watch

During your watch on your smartphone , you can record everything. That seems relevant to you as a source of inspiration or bounce on interesting news. This will be possible thanks to mobile applications like Pocket. Evernote, Feedly… which will allow you to quickly find articles that you have saved. Save the articles DX Leads that interest you for your watch These tools are really very practical on mobile. Because you can from anywhere retrieve content that you cannot read at the moment. They will become a real source of inspiration for you to create your content more quickly without wasting time on your research. You can thus capitalize on your transport journeys, in order to optimize your time as much as possible. Besides, you can also install Pocket or Evernote extension on your internet browsers. This will allow you to synchronize all your content in the same place.

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