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However  we recommend signing up for the newsletter with an email that does not include your company name . Some companies monitoring their competition may have your company email address in the filter not to be sent. It could then happen that you will not receive any newsletters. Never sent a newsletter to your customers before? by your competition. Become a fan on social media Become a fan of your competition on social media, like and follow them and add them to your favorites so you don’t miss any of their messages. But don’t just stick to your competitor’s pages profiles.

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That they are active on social networks and share relevant industry news, follow them too. Monitor mentions of your competition online Popular tools for monitoring brands include, for example, the online tools Talk Walker and Mention . These tools Jamaica Phone Number List make it very easy to track mentions of your competition, but they also serve you well in tracking select key phrases . All you have to do is enter the competitor’s brand or the keyword you want to track and they will start working for you. With both tools, you can set up alerts for select keywords , which then send you the results of mentions directly to your email inbox.

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In Your Industry And You Know

Take a look at your competitor’s online data Track your competitor’s PPC campaigns Take a look under the hood of your competitor’s PPC campaigns and see what you can do better. The SERPO tool will come in handy when monitoring your competitors’ PPC campaigns . For example, you can use it to find out which key phrases your competitors are DX Leads targeting in their campaigns and you are not. In ddition, you can also find out what business tactics your competitors are using in their ads and get inspir by them.

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