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In order to recruit the right number of employees and improve the flexibility of the delivery system . 8. Focus on fresh and local products Customers want fast, but also quality service. Fresh, organic, seasonal products from local brands or merchants are attracting more and more city dwellers. 9. Surprise customers To distinguish yourself from your competitors, play the sensitivity card . Make small gifts, offer samples, bring free end-of-life fresh products, etc. And many more challenges. If a flawless logistics organization is essential, other challenges must be met to ensure the success of your activity optimize delivery costs.

Make deliveries more reliable

Create an effective application; make room for eco-responsibility. The underside of Q-commerce no longer holds any secrets for you! Become the new key player in express delivery! 4 ideas for places to set up a pop-up shop By Yves Attias – November 24, 2021 PrestaShop puffin unlocking ideas You have created an online store and your business is Lithuania Mobile Number List doing well? There is no shortage of customers and your community continues to grow on social networks? Opening a physical store could be a new challenge and give your business another dimension, by expanding your omnichannel offer. Not feeling up to all the challenges associated with setting up a physical store? What if the pop- up shop was the ideal solution.

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How to create a pop-up store

What are its strengths ? Where to install it? Let’s take a look at the most suitable places . What is a pop-up store? The concept of ephemeral store, also DX Leads called pop-up store , comes to us from the United States. It is a physical store, a temporary point of sale , which will only be in place for a few weeks or months. The sectors of activity concerned by pop-up stores are fashion , catering or even art, for both large and small brands. Why open a temporary physical store? Why sell offline when your online business is doing great? The arguments in favor of installing a pop-up store are numerous the desire for a new challenge ; the advantageous cost Opening a physical store represents an investment, whether in terms of time or money.

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