Some Good Practices Should Be Known Define Your Goals

What are your weak points Here are some leads poor content; content design without following basic SEO rules (tags, keywords, image optimization, etc.); insufficient presence on social networks; content publish at the wrong time, etc. Leads are few Sometimes online merchants produce attractive content. They are well reference and drive traffic to your site. On the other hand, despite the high number of visitors, few are those who carry out an action . In this case, several explanations are possible your site lacks call to action The visitor must be taken by the hand, as in a guide tour.

If you do not openly invite him to consult

Your product catalog or to subscribe to the newsletter, he will not do it on his own; your content is not selling You have create interesting videos and articles. However, they do not encourage the reader to come and discover your products; your Cyprus Mobile Number List visitors are not qualifi Your content reaches a target, which is obviously not the right one. Your content is relevant and rich, but does not directly concern your core business or your expertise; your online store does not showcase you . How often to audit your online store? Search engine algorithms track changes in user behavior . In order to stay up to date, you must therefore carry out your audits as regularly as possible.

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Auditing a site every three months is a good frequency

The closer these analyzes are, the less the extent and duration of the interventions to be carrie out on your store will be important. It is indee preferable to DX Leads plan small adjustments without impact on the accessibility of your site, rather than having to support a maintenance of several days which will impact your turnover. In the event that you encounter a sudden drop in traffic or your conversion rate decreases, do not be rigid and do not wait for the date of the next audit to understand where the problem comes from ! Flexibility and adaptability are the key words here. A good content strategy requires knowing how to be responsive. How to perform a content audit? To carry out an effective content audit.

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