Some Tools Allow Easy Resizing And Optimization Of Your Images

This is for example the case of Canva or Pablo. Work on the branding on your online store It’s not enough to create a website for it to immediately help grow your business. Your online presence must indeed be personalized , in order to support you in your development. In terms of visual identity, your online store is interesting. It allows you to gain flexibility in terms of the elements that can be used. Each branding element has an impact : the theme : It is a starting point for the design of your merchant site. So take the time to think about it before deciding. Once the choice is made, you can, anyway, customize the theme according to your needs. However, the scope for customization will be minor; images.

There will be a lot of visual content

On your site Do not disperse, but know how to remain coherent. Once you have decided on an image style. Don’t mix gorgeous, poetic black-and-white portraits with humorous color illustrations; the font : This choice was normally made when you defined the UAE Mobile Number List outline of your visual identity. Use the same fonts as this one. If you can’t find them in the font options, then you’ll need to explore your theme’s code and insert your font there. This manipulation is particularly technical. It is therefore preferable to delegate this work to an expert; the color : In order for the visual identity of your website to correspond to what you had defined upstream.

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And especially to the colors of your logo

You will have to integrate in your editor the hexadecimal codes which you took note during your first reflection ; the logo : As seen above, you will need a simplified DX Leads version of your logo, in order to use it as a favicon. On the other hand, everywhere else on your store, you can integrate a more sophisticated version of your logo. You have understood how essential the visual identity of a brand is . Take the time to clearly define the outlines, in order to improve your visibility and boost your sales. To develop your notoriety, work on your SEO by creating a Google Ads advertising campaign . The 12 essential elements of reinsurance for your online store By Yves Attias – November 2, 2021 Get reviews with PrestaShop According to the results of an online survey, almost one Internet user in two lacks confidence in online sales sites.

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