Sponsored articles in blogging advantages and disadvantages

I receive more and more questions around the monetization of a blog and sponsored articles which are often the key lever to make a website profitable. You should know that sponsored articles offer many advantages to bloggers who are the publishers here, and to brands and companies, who are the advertisers. The latter wishing to develop their business and / or optimize the referencing of their website. What are sponsored posts? To make it simple and short, it is editorial content for which the blogger has received compensation. However, you should know that there are several orientations for sponsored articles, and in particular 3 which are to be remembered, because they are far from each other. A sponsored article can also be; either written by the publisher or written by the advertiser. This is a point to consider when registering for platforms. Some platforms offer pricing with or without writing on the part of the publisher.

The pros and cons of sponsored posts

Now let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of sponsored posts from a blogging point of view. You should know that sponsored content can be broadcast on any type of platform. Whether it is a question of social networks, websites or forums etc. We will focus on the blog as a channel because it allows the Ghana Phone Number List development of editorial content that can be neutral. As we will see later. The pros and cons of sponsored posts We will highlight these advantages and disadvantages both. On the publisher’s side, the blogger in this case. And on the advertiser’s side, behind which will be the brands, companies, etc. And what they bring. Increase advertiser awareness. As soon as backlinks are place within a blog article , and the latter already has a good reputation. It is the advertiser who will benefit directly for their SEO. This is one of the main reasons why advertisers use sponsored articles.

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Attract qualified traffic

Some sponsored articles around various products or services can allow. The blogger to gain the trust of his community, and gain influence at the same time. For niche bloggers on a specific sector, it is the possibility of becoming a referent on its theme. This is about focusing on a specific universe and gaining the trust DX Leads of advertisers as well as that of its audience. Attract qualified traffic Advantage(s): For an advertiser, it may be interesting to build up a pool of bloggers, who will be ambassadors for the brand represent. The more the interests and qualities of the brand will be identify and disseminate by publishers, the more the advertiser will gain in image and notoriety. For the blogger, we will be able to feel an increasingly sharpened expertise over the months and years. We can see this point among bloggers who are in technical fields, such as the fields of audio and video for example.

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