Supporting Gender Equality in the Tech Industry

The importance of the debate on a greater female presence in the technology sector leads us to events such as SheStartup, which emphasize the need for a change in established roles. The situation of women in the technology sector continues to be one of the pending tasks in relation to gender equality. It is a problem that occurs on a global Kuwait phone number scale, so it is essential to focus the focus to change the dynamic that has been taking place for years. The figures show how the percentage of women in the technology industry is still quite low.

SheStartup, the technological community that has all the voices

It is the example of SheStartup, organized by AllWomen and B startup.  The first edition of an event for women in tech and some of the most successful startups in Barcelona, ​​which achieved absolute success in terms of attendance. This demonstrates the need to create a networking space in which the keys to understanding the importance of each of the profiles are given.”There is a boom in opportunities in the technological field, but the female presence is still tiny,” says Fátima DX Leads Rodríguez, Product Manager at Adsmurai, among the Barcelona companies that were part of the last edition’s panel, along with Holaluz, Badi, Glovo, Cooltra or Wallapop.

Focus on education

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One of the fundamental aspects is knowing how to identify where the problem lies. It is interesting to know how to raise the different possibilities that make us follow a dynamic established from early stages: “ The only way for this to change is to start from the schools and from the families . Many times it is something mental, social and linked to education”, says Fátima. “Initiatives like the SheStartup event, which support the presence of women who are working in technology today, help a lot to give visibility and generate community,” she adds.

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