Take the opportunity of short video in China

In a society with a hectic lifestyle, people. Are consuming more video content than ever in order to be. Entertained and informed without too much effort. Video, a more entertaining and engaging way. Of communicating, has become a more popular channel than. The typical image and text format. In a broader sense, there are two types. Of online videos: short videos (eg tiktok/douyin) and ott. Videos (eg netflix, tencent video, iqyi). In china, the. Short video industry attracted around 100 million new. Users in 2019, achieving 821 million. Monthly active users and a growth rate of 32%. By comparison.

Let’s meet Douyin

Delving into the short video platforms, Douyin (for the Chinese market) or Tiktok (for the international market) is the one that we must mention without a doubt. As the leading global platform, ByteDance (the parent company of Douyin, TikTok, Toutiao and other apps) is the first Chinese company to achieve such great globalization. Douyin Gambling email list released the first version in 2016. In just 4 years, it has become one of the biggest platforms in China with 400 million active users every day. Douyin’s success is due to joining the video format trend and satisfying people’s growing desire to express themselves and be entertained. Fun filters and easy video editing tools have made it much easier for users to create, share their life and even create mini-series.

Seize the opportunity with Adsmurai

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At Adsmurai we can help you increase the impact of your short video platforms: TikTok and Douyin. Douyin is an effective platform for eCommerce, especially for certain verticals like consumer goods. There are different types of campaigns designed according to your needs, either for branding or performance objectives.Douyin’s strategy is top-down, DX Leads dominating the minds of users in high-level cities; Kuaishou is more bottom-up, becoming popular in lower-tier cities and towns.

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