Are VPNs Enough for Telecommuting Cybersecurity

VPNs are a simple security solution to deploy on computers. Including for companies that want to encrypt employee connections. Securing the data exchanged between professionals is crucial. Competition from certain circles is indeed fierce and the slightest leak can be costly. This is why it is necessary to consider solutions for the fight against cybercrime from the start of an entrepreneurial project. Cybercrime Solutions However, not everyone has the same resources in terms of time and finances. In addition, with the confinements linked to the coronavirus, teleworking has become the norm. The need for a quick solution has pushed many business leaders to make choices that are not necessarily the best ones. Using a VPN to protect your data appears to be an appropriate solution when it comes to quickly securing a fleet of computers. This alternative is above all very economical since in general.

VPNs have many security guarantees on their side

It is worth starting from the very beginning, namely the subscription to the VPN. First of all, it is necessary to clarify that there are free offers. In the case of a VPN for professionals , this option Latvia Phone Number List should however be banned. On the one hand, due to the fact that these VPNs throttle the bandwidth. On the other hand, many of them finance themselves by reselling their users’ data to third-party companies whose identity is unknown. VPNs have many security guarantees on their side There now remains a wide choice of paid VPNs, each with many advantages. Insofar as the criterion sought is above all safety, two elements must be considered. The first is the encryption key: AES-256 bit technology is considered the most secure at present and most providers offer it. Concretely, the 256 bits correspond to the level of data encryption.

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Risks always present even when using a VPN

Even taking all the precautions mentioned here, the guarantees are not total on the preservation of data. VPNs are effective, but do not prevent 100% of leaks since human error is always possible. Training of all employees required to use these tools is therefore strongly recommend. In general, it cannot be superfluous to DX Leads remind its employees of the importance of being vigilant about the risks of data leaks in professional circles. This can also be an opportunity to highlight bad practices that take place, including when a VPN is already deploye in the company. Although these three letters are increasingly popular, we must not forget that this is a concept that remains reserved for insiders of online security. Security, VPN, Telecommuting, & On the other hand. VPNs are not suitable for companies that have an intranet, or internal network. First, because the intranet firewall aims to sort incoming and outgoing connections.

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