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This will have a positive effect on SEO results. Use text, images, lists, videos, etc. Include rich content in your websites. And all because of a phenomenon called RankBrain . He is to blame for the fact that recently the results for individual types of questions have changed and are still changing so much. Google is no longer interested only in finding the best answer to one specific question on your website, but in finding the answer to all questions related to the given problem .  to be naturally strong in SEO, often even without a large number of backlinks but that depends on the industry . How to find more phrases and ideas to cover entire topics can be found in Shyam’s presentation, which can be downloaded here.

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The next lecture was a big question mark for me from the moment I found out who was going to give the lecture. It was the former Miss World Rosanna Davison who advised the local audience how she uses social networks in her company dedicated to China Phone Number List a healthy lifestyle, food, beauty. and how she succeeds in further developing the company by using them. But it wasn’t anything we hadn’t known for a long time. She just showed it on the example of her brand. According to her, the most important is Content – having something to say and knowing how to say it. Consistency . Creativity – Be unique and interesting with your posts. Clarity of message – no complex ideas.

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Social Networks According To Miss World

Clearly and concisely. Community – Interact with people who respond to your posts What works for her and what does she recommend? Post in the morning , when the target group gets up, during lunch and when they get home – that is, the times when DX Leads ordinary people are most likely to follow social networks. Most often, the community responds to posts published between and . Sunday and Monday afternoons are the best days to run a social media contest. Report block trolls and other negative people. Whether you follow her advice is up to you – that is, rather, what your data tells you. You can find the presentation here .

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