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Julien Scheickardt, Chief Digital Officer Les 2 Marmottes Merchant-to-merchant advice? For Julien Scheickardt, the essential thing is to be well advise. By a sufficiently dimension partner, adapt to the needs of the company. With whom one can work in confidence. We were convince by Axome’s quality of listening and the correct response. To the modules for which they have proven experience. Julien Scheickardt, Chief Digital Officer Les 2 Marmottes. I would recommend that merchants work well on their expression of needs and prioritize them. You have to understand that a site is a long-term project, which evolves. Narjess Ben Abderahmen.

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A punch-out catalog into your PrestaShop site By Yann Tertrais – November 19, 2021 E-procurement integrating a punch-out catalog into your site Understanding the challenges of e-procurement What are we talking about ? E-procurement or “on-line procurement” in French is the centralize management of a company’s BtoB purchases on an electronic platform. This dematerialization of relations between a company and its suppliers impacts both The Pakistan Mobile Number List purchasing department which defines the purchasing strategies End users ordering to meet their needs  and accounting departments that handle payments BtoB purchases – we also speak of the Procure to Pay (P2P) process – can be divide into 3 phases the selection of products from the catalog provide by the supplier, the sending of the order to the supplier , invoicing and payment.

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The objective of e-procurement is to automate

This process to avoid the printing of paper catalogs (often obsolete as soon as they leave the printer), orders by telephone or by email (often re-entere by hand on the supplier side) , round trips concerning size and color variations, stock status and invoices DX Leads sent by post. It is therefore a question of digitizing all the BtoB purchases of companies a small revolution. Punch-out consists of “pushing” a supplier catalog to the customer front to digitize the first stage of this process. This avoids re-entering product sheets but requires the possibility of adjustments changing or hiding information (the price) or choosing the products to push, for example. A few key figures on e-procurement A study carrie out by Fe Supply & Leyton in 2020 reveals that 49% of companies surveye say they do not use e-procurement solutions.

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