Take all your doubts about the benefits program

The benefits program is generally thought of as a strategy for the company to attract and retain talent. But it can also be a competitive advantage and positively impact prospecting for new customers. For this, it is necessary to understand benefits in a broad way, understanding that they can be offered not only to your employees, but also to end customers. What is a benefits program? The benefits program is understood as a “package” of advantages to be offered to company employees. These programs, however, can also be articulate to offer benefits to clients. Being elaborate within a loyalty program strategy . To design a good benefits program it is necessary to know the people who will be able to join it. The offers need to dialogue with the desires and wishes of these people. With employees in mind, an old and standard model of offering a benefit program is VT + VR.

What are flexible benefits

If we think about the benefits offered to employees, there are some that are guide. By law: food vouchers, transportation vouchers, 13th salary, vacations, retirement, etc. Flexible benefits allow companies to diversify the menu of use for people. The credit can be spent according to the person’s need, and can pay Germany Phone Number List for services such as gym, music, books, theaters, etc. What are fix benefits? Fix benefits are often corporate benefits that are regulate by labor laws — CLT — in Brazil, such as pay vacations, the 13th salary, the Fundo de Garantia por Tempo de Serviço. In addition to them, there are other benefits that can be offer as motivational options. But also with fixed expenses: fuel voucher; medical and dental care plans; nutritional guidance. Financial education programs; practice of sports and exercises; expense allowance. Gift card to reward employees who achieve goals. What are the benefits of the benefit club? A benefit club can act in the engagement of all its members, and can be a plan for employees and end customers.

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How does a perks club work

Understanding the workings of an advantage club is interesting in order to extract the maximum strategic benefit from it. The advantages club offers a network of partners with a series of discounts and differentials exclusively for members. For the management company, there is a dashboard that indicates. The use of DX Leads these discount coupons, showing which brands, sectors. Discounts and promotions are most engaged with the public. This data generates strategic insights to improve the knowledge of customers and employees. Being crucial information for the elaboration of marketing strategies and engagement inside and outside the organization. Why offer an employee benefit plan? Offering a benefit plan that is compatible with the needs and desires of employees generates a series of gains for the company. But to have the following gains, it is necessary to have a benefit plan that is compatible and adhered to by employees.

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